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Tracking on the recorded business transaction flow

Question asked by pohchie_2016 on Apr 6, 2016
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I would like to check if there is any metric grouping to track the progress of recorded business transaction?

For example, we recorded a business transaction on user login.

Assume the flow as per below:-

1. User login click on the Login button, it will go to Frontend

2. then when it will send the username and password to program to do a verification, i assume this will go to backend

3. and the program will will retrieve the username and password from database

4. when the verification is done, it will response back to the Frontend.


Do we have any metric that we can create to monitor the flow where the business transaction goes from Frontend -> Backend -> Database -> Frontend?

This question occurred because we are wondering whenever there is "Slow Time" logged in the "CEM>>Incident Management", how do we check if the slow time is coming from Frontend?Backend?Database? or actually is user's internet connection issue.


Looking forward for the response.


Thanks and regards,

Poh Chie