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Script Processor Documentation availability

Question asked by Ellery on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Lluis_Domenech

Hi Guys,


Is there any kind of documentaation teaching about script processor for auto login?


We have an network switch with a different login prompt, in that case the prompt is "Username:" exactly like that without space at the end of the prompt and it doesn't work the auto login.


I tried to hit SPACE bar from keyboard and after that CA PAM sends the username automaticaly, but for password it does'nt work...


Did anyone got something similar and solved?


I tried to change the following parameters, without success:


Default: (?si)(.*?password(\sfor|:).*?)
Default: (?si).*?login:.*?


Any clues, tips or URL docs explianing a little about that?