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ca_fdDoFieldLookup Result

Question asked by hernanlo_ on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by GRobertson

Hi guys,


     I have a lookup field in a SC form in wich i use ca_fdDoFieldLookup('userid', 'catalog__content_contacts_list') wich retrieves the user id and is working fine, now i wanna know if i cant get the First name and last name of that user_id in another text field. Is it possible?.

I-m trying to do this because i can-t get the Full_name in the result of the ca_fdDoFieldLookup.


Please let me know if i did no explaine myself right, thanks in advance.




PD> the ca_fdDoFieldLookup('userid', 'catalog__content_contacts_list') brings information from ca_contacts in CA SDM.