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CA API Gateway Policy Assertion looping over siteMinder variables

Question asked by DAquilina on Apr 7, 2016
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I would like to make a policy fragment that loops over the SiteMinder smcontext attributes that are available.


In particular, in the help files I see that the following are available:

${<prefix>.smcontext.attributes.length}   Returns the size of the attribute list.

${<prefix>.smcontext.attributes.<index>.name}  Returns the name of the <index> attribute.  Example: ${}

${<prefix>.smcontext.attributes.<index>.value}  Returns the value of the <index> attribute.   Example: ${siteminder.smcontext.attributes.0.value}


this data structure seems difficult to use "Run Assertion for Each Item of..."


The data seems to lend itself to a for/next construct.


Seems that the .length variable holds the number of entries in the array.

Perhaps there is an equivalent to the generic ${request.http.allheadervalues} but for the SiteMinder variables that is not yet exposed as public information.


Please, can someone suggest how I can use these variables in a loop.