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IBM MQ Native - how to respond to different queue?

Question asked by nishi04 Employee on Apr 8, 2016
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Hi Experts,


"IBM MQ Native" Transport protocol has been added in SV recently.

Some stuff are improved from previous "IBM MQ Series(Deprecated)" so I wanted to recommend it rather than old one for customer.

However, I could not find the way to realize that to distribute multiple responses toward different queue on the new functionality.

It is significant requirement for my customer.

Does anyone know how to configure it?



Three queues are defined on IBM MQ v8. (Q.REQ and Q.RES and Q.RES2)

VSE get request from Q.REQ and then respond to Q.RES or Q.RES2.

VSI contains one transaction which has two responses. first response should be responded to Q.RES and second response should be responded to Q.RES2.

It worked well under previous "IBM MQ Series(Deprecated)" because, in VSI Editor Response pane, each response's "meta-data/dest.destination" can define each own different destination queue.


On the other hand, in case of "IBM MQ Native", I also defined different response queue for each response by using the same way "dest.destination"  but, unfortunately, this definition seems to be ignored and eventually all responses responded to Q.RES where are defined in asset.




Hirofumi Nishino | CA Technologies Japan