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Help with data partition constraint syntax

Question asked by tzadell on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by tzadell

Hi everyone,


I have a view constraint on several data partitions that restrict others from seeing tickets assigned to one particular group:

(group != U'F84CE34C01DD7447A16F4A732B6E2C8D') OR (group.group_list.member IN ( OR group IS NULL OR customer =


This constraint has worked perfectly for us.  But now I'm being asked to do this same restriction for 4 other groups.


Simply adding more groups like below gives me this error:  'Bad where clause.  Invalid constraint.  Check data types of reference attributes'

(group != U'F84CE34C01DD7447A16F4A732B6E2C8D') OR (group != U'C4B731E37613884498BF0AB78F7F7535') OR (group != U'EEDAD95FECB9BE48A25658F4BCD91DD5') OR (group != U'CF639C823A83A748B3E1E6EAA93E1EE1') OR (group != U'21F2SSBF3200AD43A0C25D4A4B3915E1') OR (group.group_list.member IN ( OR group IS NULL OR customer =


So I'm guessing that I will need to instead say something like "group is not in", and list all of the groups together.  But I'm unsure of the correct syntax.  Does anyone know the syntax for doing this?