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How does UIM create users in the Liferay portal?

Question asked by ElioteArg on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Gene_Howard

We made a multitenant implementation of UIM by using the qos_processor to create virtual origins and each account is associated to the correspondant origin. We need to create two or more site templates in Liferay for different types of user (roles and permissions). For instance, we need to create a basic user profile and an advanced user profile. The basic one would show the USM and a page with some ListViewer portlets, while the advanced profile would show the same pages plus another custom page.

So, the thing is that when we create a user from the UIM portal, it is created in Liferay but it's not associated to the custom sites and roles we created previously. Basically, we need to understand how UIM triggers the creation of a user in LifeRay so we can then find a way to modify the (or add our own) script that creates the users.


Summarizing, we want to automatically assing a certain site template and a role to the users we create from the UIM portal.