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PIM Role Management without CA Management Console?

Question asked by TheQuietMan on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by kristen.palazzolo

Is there a way to manage PIM roles without manaully editing in ENTM or via the CA Management Console?

Right now it looks like we have to go to the ENTM and edit each role and member policy individually manually,



Home › Environments › ac-env › Roles

Click on Export...

Modify exported XML

Click on Import...

and import update XML.


This seems very cumbersome. The XML would be faster except we have to enable (and disable) each time we want an update.

And the import of a full overwrite (not incremental ) seems like a shot gun approach to when we really need a surgical approach.


We will be on-boarding hundreds of applications over the next couple of years and we are needing a way to more easily add a single member rule into a role. Even if it is via a REST API or some other method? And if we can incorporate it into some form of automation it would simplify our onboarding process as well.