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maintenance_mode probe stops working

Question asked by kbosward1.1 on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2017 by kagha01

We are having a recurring problem where the maintenance_mode probe stops working. Although the probe status shows as green, schedules which should be active appear as inactive in UMP and alerts are not suppressed. We fix it by restarting the maintenance_mode probe. We have scripted a daily restart of the probe but lately (over the last few weeks) it seems a daily restart is often not frequent enough. I have submitted log files to CA support who can't find any obvious errors. Unfortunately we are running an EOL version of Nimsoft (v7.5; maintenance_mode v1.00) so CA is unable to escalate to higher level support. We are in the process of planning an upgrade but due to internal delays this will likely take a few months. I was wondering if anyone might have experienced this problem and found a solution?