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Score Board  sdm14.1 problem- please help

Question asked by NenadOdic on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by NenadOdic

Dear friends,

I have a problem that was actual in past releases. In fact ,in old releases if an analyst had rights to customize scoreboard, then any administrator driven customization of the scoreboard for roles are not propagated to that particular analyst that has customization, only to those who have never touched customize scoreboard. In 14.1 there was a story about that and how they did devise solution with save search so analysts can have customization but on filtering level, that will enable admin to propagate some enterprise rule for scoreboard for certain roles. So in that spirit we have disabled analysts to change or customize scoreboard, and left option for save search. What we tried to accomplish is that admin should be responsible for scoreboards for analyst  roles, and analyst can have their filter enabled.

But if you ever try to save search of some kind ,then that particular analyst (not role but analyst that created filter and saved it) can not be propagated with scoreboard customization from admin. So history repeating.

Does  any one have solution for this behavior?