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Question asked by JasonLLM on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by jmayer

Hello Guys,


I need some help with some querys, i need to create a query that told me when my ticket is next to violate the SLA. (You know when the ticket number is orange in SD). I try with the following queries but they doesn't work:


  • (group.[group]group_list.member IN ( AND active = 1 AND macro_predict_viol = 1
  • (group.[group]group_list.member IN ( AND active = 1 AND predicted_sla_viol = 1


I also want to create a query that only bring me the open tickets of a certain group. I think something like this would help but it doesn't work, any suggests?


  • group_id = \’ 0x2A97BF63E650C542A38F5D53027B47AD\’ AND active = 1



Thanks in Advance!