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Trigger event/macro on last_mod_date in SDM?

Question asked by phinchey on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by jmayer

So I have run into a situation.... we have a few events which call a PAM process based on a few different conditions, tied to common incident activities (Update Status, transfer, escalate, etc.)


The issue we have is if someone is in edit mode, and say, changes the group, priority and status before they hit save, we end up calling the pam process 3 times and sending essentially duplicate updates out.


So my initial thought was, rather than tie the various events to the individual activities, if instead I could fire them when the last mod date changes (and then use the conditions in the different events to evaluate false if the updates are outside the ones we care about)


But so far my initial attempts to tie the last mod date attribute to an activity notification has not worked out (getting no new activory logged when I tied the activity association to a new activity notification )


It is possible I am just missing a step or a flag, or maybe there is a better option to eliminate these duplicate calls when several activities get logged at the same time.  If anyone has run into a similar situation around notifications etc. I may be able to apply a similar fix here.


Thanks for any suggestions