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Estimating at a Team level in Clarity

Question asked by Tammi Champion on Apr 12, 2016
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Hi Community,


Here at Montefiore IT, we estimate at  Department/Team level in Clarity which means, we have department forecast roles.  Each department has a considerable amount of teams so for example, Forecast-Ancillary Systems has 6 teams. We have a template in which we add Forecast-Ancillary Systems 5 times to the project template and qualify the name using the Requirement Name, we then create the project from template. As you can see the team tab for the template is quite huge.  I am curious as to how other customers estimate at a team level without having to create a forecast role for every department and then qualify using the requirement name and associate by OBS unit. The reason we forecast at a department/team level is on Pipeline projects they may not know who will be working on that project but they will be able to provide an estimate on how much the effort could take at a department/team level. As the project moves through the life cycle these roles turn to resources and they are removed from the project. In addition by estimating at a department level they can at least see their demand during portfolio meeting to see if they can start the work or not.  I know there has to be a better way to simplify this process. Just looking for ideas. I hope I explained it well.






Tammi Reel Davis