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Consistent Masking across applications

Question asked by Swapnil_Rasane on Apr 13, 2016
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I have a scenario where one of my application is on IMS and other on SQL Server. Both applications have customer demographic details and I have to privatize these details.


To ensure "Mark" is "Peter" for customer ID 12345 (for example) in both applications after masking, that is, to have consistent masking what are the best practices in FDM?


I know we can use hashlov function but what should be the parameters to this function?


For masking IMS, I am using FileMaster to generate copybook and CA TDm to generated transformation maps and for SQL Server I am using FDM directly.


Also we have million records in a table to be masked using hash function, how the masking speed can be improved as my previous run took 30 hrs for masking firstname for 0.3 million records that too using 30 threads.