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Deferred delete user task based on input termination date

Question asked by Gabriele_Rusconi-Moviri on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Marline_ODea

We need to create a sort of off-boarding task in CAIP (Identity Portal) that:

1. update the user profile with the termination-date

3. disable the user immidiatly

4. delete the user after termination-date + 30days


Our try was to create a custom Delete User task on CAIM with:

  . Primary Object: User

  . Action: Delete

  . Enable Web Sevic: YES

  . Tabs: Delete + Schedule  

The idea was to:

- manually input the value of Termination Date in the related user's attribute (issue: no way to add a User Profile screen into Delete User task)

- manually input the Termination Date + 30 days in the property value of the Schedule tab

- disable the user using a Policy Xpress linked to the task

Issue: when we tried to configured the linked Task + Form in CAIP the Form does not display any user or schedule attribute.


May you help to find a valid solution to implement this requirement?