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Problem with regex expresion

Question asked by vicen23 on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Vaibhav Vir Singh

Hi all



I'm new using regex expresions, I'm trying to get a metric and I need to find a regex to exclude some metrics.



I have a lot of metrics, and always 2 kinds of metrics.

The first one is like this (I need to do a metric grouping with all metrics similar to this one):

WebServices\|Server\|server1/ws\.verDato\.ws\.provider\.verDatoX:Responses Per Interval



The second one is like this:

WebServices\|Server\|server1/ws\.VerDato\.ws\.provider\.verDatoX\|consulta:Responses Per Interval



You can see that the onliest difference is in the second one "\|consulta" that is the method in the webservice, I need to create a metric grouping with metrics similar to the first one, and no-one of the second type must be in the group. Which regex expresion should I use?



Thanks a lot for your help, best regards