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How to send response to destination - Tibco EMS Bridging

Question asked by Rahul Verma on Apr 15, 2016
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I have one doubt in below scenario i am working on. I am not aware of internal working of Tibco EMS Queue/Topic.

Application A - Consumer

Application B - Lisa-Stubs ( Standard JMS)

We have two applications A and B.

Application A will publish XML request (SOAP Messages) on Topic(T) which is Tibco EMS bridge to a queue (Q).

Application B will fetch request from queue (Q) and will process that and send XML response accordingly.

Consumer (A) will listen response on temporary topic.

My question is where will application B send back response.


As far i Know there is a property between Topic bridge and queue that carries messages but not sure how lisa will interact with it.


Thanks in Advance