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Not showing only assignee that are members of the group in the assignment

Question asked by rmps on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2016 by rmps

Hi Everybody,


I'm having a problem when I try to assign a contact to the ticket during the transfer. When transferring a ticket , the field group should be as read-only , however , when we put the field group only as read-only, click on "New assignee " are displayed all system analysts , not just analysts group members. I would like the field " New assignee " had the same behavior when the field "group" is editable.


See more:

1) in the case below ( when the " new group "[Novo Grupo] field is editable ) it is shown only analysts group : OK!! WORKS PERFECTLY!!


2) If the " new group" (field "Novo Grupo" on the screen) is not displayed or is displayed only as " read-only " , the new assignee filed (field "Novo Responsavel" on the screen) shows all system analysts and not just the ticket group.


In case above, all the system analyst are showed. In this case I need to show only the analyst that are member of ticket's group.


As workaround I thought I'd add in the field lookup new assignee ("Novo reponsavel" on the screen), a " extraURL " with a "where clause"  with one filter to display the analysts who are the group (using the ticket's group in the whereclause: $ ) . But I dont know how to elaborate this where clause syntax.


Could someone help with the where_clause or some other way?


Thanks very much