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IDEA Properties - Schedule is missing in 14.2

Question asked by pxkomosi on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by Janet Ulrich

We moved to 14.2 out of box and the help mentions a Properties -> Schedule tab to turn on time entry, but ours shows the open for time entry under settings which requires Financial Edit rights and exposes the matrix.  Where did the schedule menu go?



The help indicates the Schedule selection should still exist but ....



Define Scheduling Information

Use this procedure to define the idea start and finish dates, open the idea for time entry, and define its charge code.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Home, and from Demand Management, click Ideas
  2. Open an idea.
  3. Click the Properties tab and click Schedule. 
  4. In the Schedule section of the page, complete the following fields:
    Start Date
    Indicates the idea start date. When you convert the idea into an investment, the date is the investment start date.
    Finish Date
    Indicates the idea finish date. When you convert the idea into an investment, the date becomes the investment finish date.
    Set Planned Cost Dates
    Specifies if the planned cost dates are synchronized with the investment dates. Selecting the option for a detailed financial plan does not affect the planned cost dates.Default: Selected
  5. In the Tracking section of the page, complete the following fields:
    Time Entry
    Select the field to allow staff members to record the time they work on the idea on the timesheets.Important! Ensure that you select the Time Entry field to enable staff members to record work on ideas on the timesheets.Default: Selected
    Track Mode
    Indicates the method for the staff members to enter time for hours worked on the idea.Options:
    • Clarity. Staff members record time using timesheets.
    • None. Non-labor resources track actuals through transaction vouchers or through a scheduler, such as Open Workbench.
    • Other. Import actuals from a third-party application.
    Default: Clarity
    Charge Code
    Select a default charge code to use for all idea tasks. If you enter a different charge code at the task level on timesheets, the task-level charge codes override the idea-level charge code.
  6. Click Save and Return, or Submit for Approval.