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Policy Xpress - inputing data from SQL tables to action rule template which makes Soap calls

Question asked by mfarah2 on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by jaipr03

I'm having an issue taking multiple rows of data from my sql db tables and inputting it into a template located in my action rule. It works when I set max query "select MAX(DBName) from AP_SQLEndpoint where delta=1", but I cant set that because I need the action rule to process for multiple rows from our table.


Background: I'm trying to automate the adding/removing of SQL and Oracle endpoints into IDM. I've successfully tested sending SOAP messages via PX using raw data I manually added to the SOAP Template. Our data team will daily input the required fields to add each new endpoint (serverName, DbName, SID/Service Name, Ports, etc) with the unique delta(1-add 2-remove) into our IDM tables. The PX will run after a pre-existing daily task.


Data Source: 2 more (getServerName) ; (getDelta) - For SQL endpoints

Action Rule: invokes Soap message with the data sources mapped within the template; do I need an Action Rule Condition?