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Session Assurance - POST method gets kicked to login page

Question asked by KobiAzran on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Albert_Fernandez

Hi Everyone,


I have implemented Session Assurance protected realm and am able to login and aquire session info and get access to the resource.

After 5 minuted (the devicedna refresh interval) I get kicked out to login page (login.fcc)

The web page has a JS which POSTs to the server every 2 minutes.

On the third POST, after 6 minutes, I get ValidateReject and redirected to login page.


As per the bookshelf, Session Assurance does not support POST operations, but is it by design that I get kicked out to login page?

What do I miss here?



When I disabled the JS and tried to GET a protected page in the same realm after 6 minutes, I got redirected to uiapp, got the DeviceDNA collected and returned to the original page, as expected.


Environment Details:

Policy Server:

OS - Win2012 R2

SMPS - 12.52 SP2


Session Store:

CA Directory r12 sp 17



OS: Win 2012 R2

SMSPS: 12.51 sp8