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Policy Server Upgrade along with user permission change from root to smuser

Question asked by PKSahu on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by PKSahu

Hi All,


Our current policy server version is R12.52 CR00 and we want to upgrade our all CA component (CA directory server (Policy store and key store), CA Secure proxy server, CA Admin-UI and CA report Server with CABI report 2.x ) to latest version of CA product. the initial installation was done with "root" user and now we want to change this root installation to smuser, Before moving to our QA Env. upgrade we completed our test env.  with "root" user and if we change using "chown" command  from root to smuser we got below error message -


bash-3.2$ ./start-ps

Error: performing semget() on ColdFusion Registry semaphore:Permission denied

SiteMinder Policy Server is not running

SiteMinder Health Monitor is not running


so we have decided to add  new policy server with "smuser" and use existing policy store data with new policy server and take old policy server out from infrastructure.


can anyone please suggest us steps to follow and backup plan for this ?