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Issues and Solution for Help Option in 14.3 OnDemand

Question asked by Avik.Roy on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON

Hi All,

We are using CA PPM 14.3 OnDemand

Now in this new version to access help option one needs to have access to CA site otherwise they will be redirected to registration page of which is very annoying for users

Now I am not sure if CA is really understanding the depth of the problem or not but what we need if you know how can we omit that option from page and instead of that create a help which will redirect them to a third party section where the help pdf can be shown. We are unable to proceed further since help is part of any UI themes but possibly hard-coded in some jar files or might be some files located in server which we do not have access to


Any suggestions would be appreciated


Remember we are On Demand hence we have very limited rights



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