Hybrid Cloud Monitoring with robots and probes built into AWS/Azure/Docker images

Discussion created by minja09 Employee on Apr 19, 2016

While UIM has probes for monitoring cloud environments externally with the AWS probe, and Azure probe, and the Docker probe, sometimes it is desirable to utilize existing local probes such as CDM, logmon, etc. within your cloud images. For instance CDM can provide information on instance Memory that CloudWatch does not provide today. To be clear, the cloud probes utilize APIs to gather information without needing to put a UIM robot on each image. However when a deeper level of monitoring is desired that is provided by the local probes, you can include UIM robots within cloud images, so that when an instance is launched, a VM is created, or a container is run, the instance/VM/container will automatically spin up a robot, and deploy probes. In addition, in 8.4 the Monitoring Configuration Service (MCS) probe configuration can also be automatically pushed out to the new machines.


Information on provisioning images with UIM monitoring is available at the following github repository. While the repository uses Packer or Dockerfiles to create images, the files and information in the repository should help you integrate UIM into the existing process you use for building images.