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export problem

Question asked by Utku Alp on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by ArunavaS

Hi everryone, I have a situation about export. I have SDM 14.1.01 with a primary and a secondary server. Secondary server is located at the DMZ of our network. The system is also reachable from out of the network with a URL The same URL is also used in internal network;

- if the user is connected to internal network internal DNS servers redirects users to primary server for

- if the user is not connected to internal network external DNS redirects users to secondary server for


For external users, port 80 and 8080 is also allowed for access. Despite all these, users cannot export lists when they are logged in from external DNS. (If I try to get lists with export from secondary server I can do it)

I tried to change some variable in NX.env and set those values to but it didn't work.

Which parameter should I change or do I have to do something else?


parameters of NX.env in secondary

# The following is the default value for NX_WEB_CGI_URL if not set in Options Manager.



#This is the url for the servlet server on the Primary server

@NX_SERVLET_SERVER_URL=http://[Hostname of Primary]:8080


# This is the url for the servlet server on this server

@NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL=http://[Hostname of Secondary]:8080