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Service Desk login integration

Question asked by svucic on Apr 20, 2016
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We are building custom application for customer, and we want to integrate Service Desk into it.

The idea is to put one tab on this custom application that will open service desk url and with that service desk will be opened in new window.


The problem I have is regarding login.

Customer should only log in to this custom application. Log in to Service Desk should be automated in one of two ways.

One way is that we login to custom application, and login should be made to Service Desk in the background.

Other solution that sounds a bit better is that login is automatically made when you click on tab „Service Desk“ in this custom application, and then username and password are sent from custom application to Service Desk, and system does the login automatically.


Is there a way to send username and password via url when we click on „Service Desk“ tab, or is there some other way we can do this login?

Maybe use of web services or API?


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