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How to rename PAM cluster

Question asked by milan.ziga on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by milan.ziga

We are running PAM 4.2 SP2  four node cluster. Two nodes in datacenter1 and two nodes in DR datacenter2. As balancer we use F5. A few months ago during PAM installation we have used balancer name  ***.domain.corp. PAM nodes are running on Windows 2012R2 servers pam1.domain.corp - pam4.domain.corp. So far we are not using secure connection (SSL) for accessing PAM. Our customer demands to rename whole environment and use Secure connection (SSL) for accessing PAM. New balancer name is yyy.newdomain.corp and PAM node names are pam1.newdomain.corp - pam4.newdomain.corp. Is it any way how to rename balancer name and PAM nodes without re-installation? After renaming we need to enable Secure Communication. Is it supported wildcard certificate for Secure Communication?

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