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SDM dates impact by clock go back\forward

Question asked by Shlomobaevsky on Apr 20, 2016
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We have SDM 14.1. Timezone is UTC+02:00.

Periodically clock go back\forward according to season. After last change, at end of march clocks go forward one hour, we experience strange behavior.

I am comparing presentation of dates for incidents, opened before and after clock change, in SQL and in SDM web pages.

First of all, I check dates in SQL by running GETDATE() - show correct local time and GETUTCDATE() - show local time less 3 hours.

For example,

1. incident opened before clock changed: open_date in SQL - 8:00am, in SDM web page 11:00am.

2. incident opened after clock changed: open_date in SQL - 8:00am, in SDM web page 12:00am.

Is it correct situation? For my mind, in both cases I need see difference of 3 hours.

The main problem is present correct date in SQL view. To clarify, in SQL view I need show correct local time, therefore I am using DATEADD(s, open_date + XXXX, '01-01-1970'') function

where XXXX number of seconds to correct timezone. So, up to now I used 7200 and it worked correct, but now it is not working correct for incidents opened before and after clock changes.


Please help, advice and clarification.