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Using the threshold_migrator combining net_connect

Question asked by Nick.van.Leeuwen on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by Gene_Howard

We are using net_connect in combination with snmpcollector to monitor the network enviroment of our customers.

One of our customers the network devices contain a bug the creates a lot of alarms of "Packet Loss is above threshold limit!".


This alarm will clear itself automatically after a few minutes, but it creates a lot of false positive alarms.


I have read about the threshold_migrator probe, which can create a time over threshold for net_connect. This would solve the above problem.


However, when installing and looking at the threshold_migrator probe I have found a few issues.

First it tells you, you cannot edit the net_connect probe anymore from the infrastructure manager.

Does this mean you cannot edit the config file as well?

We have to edit the config file, because we have written a web page the automatically imports devices in snmp_collector and netconnect, and the net_connect probe doesn't have a callback to add a device.


And it looks like I have to setup the Time over threshold for every device.

The amount of devices is around 150, do I have to set the configuration for every device manually?


I was wondering if more people are using the combination of this probes, and how they have setup there environment?