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how to clean up UI for a service in the Service Console

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Apr 20, 2016

As many of you may know, i have created this 100% generic REST/JSON and SOAP/XML service that run in the VSE.


to enable my users to configure it without opening the mar file, the service is driven from an external file with part of the name matching the service name.


they can select the port, and whether to listen either via SSL or not. But, there is a sad side effect.


the service console apparently examines the service definition file looking for the listen steps, to present this on the UI,

and doesn't consider that there might be more than one in the logic. My service has both.. AND on the service console

both show thru, including the one NOT being used.  this is very distracting, and confusing for my users..


is there any way to get the service console NOT to display the unused listener?

here the service is running non-ssl on port 82



and here the service is running listening with the ssl listener, on the same port




how do I make the other {{listen_port:http}}::/ thing go away?

forgot to add, this is using DT 9.1