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CA UIM: older probe versions eclipsed by newer but incompatible ones

Question asked by alexei.matveev on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by alexei.matveev

Hello Everyone,


I am very new here and not sure if it makes any sense to continue the discussion from 10 Months ago:


Linklist of old UIM-Probes?


Please advise if this is the case.


I just learned this problem still exists --- in my case the Web Archive in IM v8.31 offers the Probe

"webservices_rest" v8.40 that is incompatible with v8.31.


     > You can normally request an older version from support. But here a link to the older version of the robot update package.


I approached the (Partner) Support and the first reply was it is not available to them either with the

suggestion to upgrade to 8.40.


Would it be possible to supply a link or to fix the logic that offers probe

versions known to be incompatible with the product hiding the older ones?

Are there any settings on client side that control this behaviour?