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conditionally send the response from virtual services but not all the time when match occurs

Question asked by RA.A on Apr 21, 2016
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I am working on JMS virtualization where SUT (system under test) send xmls to third party system via JMS (Oracle Weblogic) and expect response via again JMS (weblogic) but in different topic.

Request and responses are going in “Topic” not in Queue. Now I am virtualizing at Topic level means I am listening the data to Topic1 and putting response in Topic2 and these Topics are not the Proxy topics but the topics which connects to QA environment (This is my requirement to not to use Proxy topics)


Now when SUT creates the data and send through the middleware, my topics also consume the data as well as the topics which are in Landscape for QA and data goes to virtual services as well as the third party
systems.  I would like to implement the approach where my virtual services should respond only when they receive some spcefic data in request- like if countycd=US then only send the responses otherwise don’t respond.


I don’t have any custom header through which I can handle this scenario but I can take only the data from my request and put a check like- countycd=US then only send response otherwise ignore.


How can I achieve this scenario?


Appreciate all your help in the regards.