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service command error in linux

Question asked by BrianChinn Employee on Apr 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by BrianChinn

I am working remote install of Clarity 14.3 into RedHat.

The client has a DEV environment up and we're trying to install TEST.

The user was created, java and tomcat installed, Clarity was installed but as soon as we went to issue a "service status all" command we got this.

     “/sbin/runuser: cannot set groups: Operation not permitted” error


We did a bunch of troubleshooting, and using DEV as a baseline, concluded that the issue is likely a OS level permissions issue.

This is consistent with a suspicion that the TEST server OS installation may not have been consistent with the way the DEV server OS was setup. 

They discovered that the TEST servers were all set for DHCP addressing and not set for static IP’s and with that they began to ponder “what else might not be configured correctly?”


However, i'm wondering if there could be some other cause for this kind of error.