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remove entry in ca_owned_resource as well as usp_owned_Resource

Question asked by subbaraomahendrakar.1 on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by JussiValkonen

Hi team,


I want to remove some entries in ca_owned_Resource table


for ex:


I have a ci name called"test1234" with owned_resource_uuid=0xB1234BdfdaDqkjl1123421


I have extracted the above entry --pdm_extract -vf "select * from ca_owned_resource where id=0xB1234BdfdaDqkjl1123421">test.txt


and I have remove the above entry --- pdm_userload -vrf test.txt


After that I checked in database that the above entry is not there in main table ca_owned_Resource which is good but still I can see the entry in usp_owned_Resource with the above uuid=0xB1234BdfdaDqkjl1123421.


Pdm_extract with option -r does not remove data from main as well as extenstion table?


My Question is there is a way to remove data from ca_owned_Resource and usp_owned_Resource tables at a time


If yes can you provide the steps