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How to Modify OOTB Jaspersoft PMO Accelerator Report

Question asked by rpeterson on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by rpeterson

We recently upgraded from Clarity 13.3 to CA PPM 14.3, which included the implementation of Jaspersoft and the PMO Accelerator report bundle. We would like to modify the Financial Budget vs. Forecast by Period report slightly to fit our operations and would like to know the best way to proceed. Is it possible for a customer to copy the report code, make changes, and save it as a new report? Does that require the Jaspersoft Studio? Other considerations? The three key changes are: 1) display actuals instead of allocations in current month; 2) add portfolio filter; and 3) page through all projects in the portfolio rather than aggregating them in a single report. Thanks for the feedback.