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Notification Template keywords

Question asked by Izraelevitz-VZW on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by nick_darlington

In an attempt to modify some of the Notification Templates, I tried to research for a list of available keywords that can be used I notifications. When editing a template, there is a "browse" feature that is supposed to show you all the available keywords, however, there are other special keywords that are not in the browse.




For example, the above notification uses the following key words

  • processName
  • stepName
  • objectName
  • objectInstanceName


However, when you do a browse , these are the keywords/attributes available




None of the ones currently used are displayed.  This lends me to believe that there are other "special" keywords that can be used in notification templates.


Does anyone know what other special keywords can be used?


I tried searching the PPM code to see where it parses the notification to determine what keywords it looks for, but no luck there.