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Match Script does not allow me to return true or return false?

Question asked by GregGorden on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Ulrich_Vogt


I am writing a small match script in JavaScript.

So far I have successfully

  • assigned variables to values from incomingRequest
  • assigned variables to values from sourceRequest
  • writing the variables to the vse log to see I am grabbing the right data

But then I am clearly missing some basic piece of understanding.  When I try a small conditional:


if ( plant !=="1010") {

  return false;

} else if ( mode == src_mode && grid1 == src_grid1 && grid2 == src_grid2){

  return true;

} else {

  return defaultMatcher.Matches();


DevTest tells me neither the 'return true' nor the 'return false' are valid returns.  But as match scripts return Booleans, I am now confused.


Thanks in advance for any help received.