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CA Identity Management and Governance Tech Tip by Scott Owens, Senior Support Engineer for 04/26/2016.

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TEC1781494PUBLISHEDACTIVETwo User's tabs appear in the task panelDuplicate tasks tabs are appearing in the Identity Manager console when viewing the Tasks tab panel. Each tabs have exactly the same options in them and both are fully functional.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/19/2016
TEC1857098PUBLISHEDACTIVEAfter Identity Manager upgrade, Workpoint does not send emails anymore.After upgrading to Identity Manager 12.6 SP6 and above, workpoint is no longer sending email from processes that have the email sending configured.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/20/2016
TEC1812144PUBLISHEDACTIVEWhy IM Admin Task submission is triggering Provisioning attribute modification while mapped attribute has not been changed ?When an CA Identity Manager Admin Task is configured with "Account Synchronization" (not 'OFF'), then CA Identity Manager makes sure that the users for the CA Identity Manager corporate user store and the Provisioning directory have matching data.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/20/2016
TEC1089866PUBLISHEDACTIVESnapshot Task completed successfully, but snapshot contains only 2000 usersTask completed successfully, but snapshot contains only 2000 users. Really we have about 4000 users in the user store.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/20/2016
TEC1167033PUBLISHEDACTIVEBulk loader Feed was working properly but suddenly start failing. ERROR [im.feeder] Object not found. This occurred because Smart Provisioning was recently enabled, and a customized version of a Create User task was in use that did not have a Provisioning Roles tabCA Identity GovernanceGovernanceMinder04/20/2016
TEC3381775PUBLISHEDACTIVERefresh Admin Role membership cache or Access Role membership cachethe Admin Role is associated with User's group membership, sometime we assign Admin Role to an IM user by directly modifying the associated group membership in the user store.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/21/2016
TEC1823974PUBLISHEDACTIVEWhen assigning Provisioning roles via Policy Xpress, why is the roles search not returning all roles? Policy Xpress can be used to assign provisioning roles to users based on certain conditions. When configuring an action, you can browse to existing provisioning roles to assign.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/21/2016
TEC1927444PUBLISHEDACTIVEHow to Enable/Disable Trace on dxserver (DSA) ?Some log files located on C:\Program files\CA\Directory\dxserver\logs are growing up without control and it is filling the disk capacity.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/25/2016
TEC1352117PUBLISHEDACTIVECA Identity Manager Admin Task modifies Provisioning Multi-valued Custom Field attribute repeatedly.The "Modify User" CA Identity Manager Admin Task attempts to modify the Provisioning Multivalued Custom Field 01 attribute on each Submission, even if its mapped corporate User Store attribute has not been changed and even if values are matching.CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/25/2016
TEC1791473PUBLISHEDACTIVEActive Directory "gidNumber" extended attribute gets reset.To provision Active Directory accounts, we defined Active Directory Account Template with Strong Synchronization mode and mapped the extended "gidNumber" attribute (within "Custom" tab) to Global User Custom Field 5 (%UCU05%).CA Identity ManagerIdentity Manager04/25/2016
TEC562210RETIREDRETIREHow to recover lost or forgotten password for EiamAdmin account in EEM R12.How to reset the EiamAdmin password if it is missing or forgotten, on Windows and non-Windows platforms.CA DirectoryDirectory4/19/2016