Which UIM probe to be used

Discussion created by ranjitwoonna on Apr 27, 2016
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Can anyone please suggest which probe to be used to monitor below parameters using nimsoft and way to monitor them as well. It would be very helpful.


This thresholds are currently being monitored in tivoli and we want to monitor the same in Nimsoft.




The following table lists the thresholds that can be set for the TCP/IP resource model. For each threshold, the table shows the name, a short description, and the default value.

High Fragment Ratio (HighFragRatio)This threshold is the maximum percentage of fragmented datagrams received in comparison to the total number of datagrams received.80
High Segment Retransmitted (HighSegmenReXmit)This threshold is the maximum number of TCP segments that can be retransmitted per second.1
Low Segments (LowSegments)This threshold is the maximum number of TCP segments received per second. This rate must be low to be a factor in determining if the system is receiving a high number of pings.10
Moderate DG (ModerateDG)This threshold is the number of datagrams received per second. Unlike most resource model thresholds, Moderate DG indicates when the rate is considered to be moderate (above normal), not high or low.60

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