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New Saved Searches functionality in 14.1

Question asked by tzadell on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by tzadell

When viewing all of the stored queries in Administration/Service Desk/Application Data/Stored Queries, I was hoping to find a way to identify the stored queries that people are now saving with the new 'saved searches' functionality.  It looks like they are all being given a random code of numbers and letters (example:  82F5D9CRj5Hm), so I'm not seeing anything unique about them to search on (like they all start with the letter A).  There also doesn't seem to be any new field on the stored query search screen to allow me to search on only the stored queries created from the saved searches.  Trying to look ahead, in case someone creates a saved search that causes system problems, is there a way that I'm just not seeing to identify the stored queries that analysts are now creating and saving?


I do see that there is a last modified by field on the query that will tell me who created it, so that's good.  Maybe the only way to identify these is to add the last modified by field to the list_crsq.htmpl form so that I can sort on that column to see the analyst names creating them?