Task id(prexternalid, outofbox) editable in Openworkbench whereas in MSP not editable

Discussion created by Balas on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

I have created one new field in task object called
"Test _ID" with the option of auto numbering  + Read only in
Clarity Test Environment of PM&SG.

The same Test_Id attribute verified in Openworkbench and
its not updating back to Clarity and it's purely read-only in OWB.


Whereas I noticed prexternalid field which is not enabled
with Read only (Refer image below), is it possible to update the prexternalid
field to be “Read only” then we can test with OWB

Also I knew, Clarity and OWB most of the case tightly
coupled, In my view if we enabled read only it should work in OWB.

Kindly let me know your thought on this.

I would request all of you to provide voting to implement this functionality in OWB which is necessary.


Also i have recieved the reply from CA and mentioned below


As I discussed with Bala over the phone, I am sending
this summary e-mail regarding this cases, "00367481 - 00367486"
regarding OWB task ID being editable.


Per design, it is necessary to configure read-only property
for an attribute at object-attribute level. Stock (Out of the Box) attributes
cannot change this property and therefore, OWB will respect the default value.
Task ID is not set as read-only, so it will be modifiable inside OWB.


PPM has a mechanism to workaround this, but this will NOT
apply to OWB. A given attribute can be set "non-editable" (similar to
read-only) at a given view level, such as for example, Task Edit view. There
are no configurable PPM views for OWB, so properties set at view level will be
ignored by OWB. Long story short, Task ID cannot be prevented from being edited
inside OWB.


Lastly, MSP has an exceptional workaround, as this
specific attribute is handled by the MSP Field Mapping feature, where it CAN be
set as read only ("Export"). This would only apply to MSP (and not
OWB) and for certain attributes only, as they are not part of the default MSP
set of attributes and have to be explicitly mapped.


As everything shared is by design and not a defect, I
cannot log a defect for this. Alternatively, you can use our CA PPM Community
for an Enhancement Request. My recommendation is that you go to our CA PPM
Community and try to find an existing Idea that would match your desired
behaviour; and if there is none, open a new one. This is the new place for
Enhancement Requests from Customers and it is reviewed by Product Management
when designing the roadmap for a new version considering multiple aspects,
including but not limited to Customer demand (votes). You can find out PPM
Community on