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CA IDMS v19.0 upgrade -- Performance monitor issue

Question asked by Akos_Eros on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by antyv01

Dear all,


I am a middle of an IDMS 19.0 upgrade and I have a problem with Performance monitoring tool (PMRM,PMIM,PMAM).

I tried to start this feature with PMRM transaction within IDMS but I got the following message:




I found some solution in Performance monitor admin guide but it didn't helped me to solve this issue. I reassembled and linked 3 modules into customized load library (PMAMINIT,PMIMINIT,PMRTINIT) and the problem is still exists.   These modules normally can be found in **.CAGJLOAD library.


I haven't found the way how should I setup this feature to make it work within the IDMS.

If somebody could help me in this situation I would be appreciated it so much.


Thank you in advance.