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Best practices to handle the "missing Baseline information" ?

Question asked by juanv on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by Janet Ulrich

We all know that Baseline data is only updated by users who have the rights to do it.

But, it does not prevent the Project Manager to download the Gantt chart in MSProject, delete all the tasks, and update the project.

Even worse, he/she can replace the whole "baselined gantt" with a totally new one, same tasks hierarchy, but diffferent id's according to CA PPM records.

Therefore, the new Gantt chart can looks exactly like the old one, but has all the Baseline information missing.



It happens specially when no actual hours or actual costs are recorded.

But, the reality is that not every project or task will have actuals.



Any ideas about how to handle this and prevent baseline data deletion?

Any new CA PPM feature I am missing?