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Webform doesn't work correctly at hiding 'Priority', 'Urgency' or 'Impact' fields

Question asked by Danyel on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Danyel

Hi everybody, good morning, how are you =)???


As title indicates, I'm customizing some webforms for Customer we have into Service Desk Manager 14.1. Problem here is follow: In detail_in.htmpl, detail_cr.htmpl, detail_chg.htmpl, detail_pr.htmpl files, when I try to hide 'Priority', 'Urgency' or 'Impact' field(s), through comment each line code on htmpl file, these ones cause webform doesn't work correctly, for example 'loading' webform icon appears into screen and this throws a message indicating webpage load is in progress, and sidebar becomes idle not showing all fields belonging to this webform. I attach some screenshots describing above.


Could you tell me why these fields are causing this situation??? and if is there any suggestion to solve it???


Thanks in advance for your valuable help on this question.


Have a nice day, best regards, Daniel =).