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Posted TS not in PPA_WIP - how to process it to ppa_wip?

Question asked by matej256 on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by urmas

Hi All,


I'm again opening this "sensitive" topic. I'm not 100% sure what should be the best way to do it because it still only remains SQL insert as a "solution" for that.


I know many "issues" within my experience and also others on this community but in fact, there is no exact solution for that (Posted TS not in ppa_wip table) not either the root-cause of this problem .

There are only queries and portlets that can identify those cases but not which they can solve it. So my question is how to best handle it?


So, our issue is as usual, Posted TS which are not in PPA_WIP table.

I've checked all common things I know, all is fine (imp_transactionimport table is blank, ppa_transcontrol contains some data (for adjusted TS by other teams) but not for our resource, timeperiod were opened when posted, resource is financially active, resource is opened for time entry, track mode is clarity, investment is active, investment financial status is open , investment is opened for time entry).

However Prtimeentry.prrmexported = 0




This only the one case in our system.

Q1: Could it be that the name for resource contains a letter "í" for her name Rodríguez. Not the standard “i“?


Q2: So, we have 5 Posted TS with Prtimeentry.prrmexported flag set to 0. How can I process it to ppa_wip table?