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How to associate documentation to APIs on Developer Portal?

Question asked by mtrinath on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by mtrinath


   I would like to know how to publish documentation for the services and APIs already available on the API Gateway?


   Scenario is:

   a. There are a mix of APIs (RESTful) and Web Services (SOAP) on CA API Gateway v8.3

   b. Portal v3.5 is now installed and integrated with the Gateway

   c. One each of RESTful API and Web Service is enabled for Portal Management

   d. The services appear on Portal

   e. The services are enabled on Portal without documentation (i.e wsdl or wadl or raml) and published

   f.  Services are visible on portal


   Issue is at step e.

   SOAP Service:

   1. When enabling a SOAP service, if wsdl is being supplied (the one on which the service was built), it returns some wsdl parsing error (ResourceSet not found). The wsdl is very much a valid one

    2. If the same wsdl is used to create a SOAP Service from Add New -> SOAP Service then the service gets created along with documentation and published on Gateway (however this is not what is intended)

    3. If I create an independent documentation page and associate it to the API and publish it the same is not reflected on Manage APIs page i.e. there is no hyper link on the API Name to the documentation


   RESTful Service:

   1. There is no wadl associated to the Web API

   2. Hence created a separate static documentation and tried to associate it to the API. This again does not work


  Can someone help me in resolving this riddle of publishing the documentation of the Services and API already existing on Gateway? This is urgent and required for a demonstration, appreciate a quick response.