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smpolicysrv service constant at 162% server CPU

Question asked by dmt953 on May 3, 2016
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We are in the process of upgrading our SiteMinder r12.0 SP3 to r12.52 SP1.  We are doing this in a parallel mode so we first installed the r12.52 policy server and then export/import the policy data and the policy server keys.  Our new r12.52 server has been up and running for a couple months now in all of our apps in the DEV environment pointing to the new policy server while under going testing.  Recently we noticed that the smpolicysrv service is using about 160% of the server CPU (duel core VM), but there does not seem to be any performance impact from the policy server.


We have an active support case with CA on this but we are not confident in getting a resolution from CA support on this.  As soon as I start up the policy server, the smpolicysrv process will immediately jump to +160% and will remain between 161 - 163% until regardless of the application traffic loads with the web agent making requests to the policy server.  Again, despite the high server CPU utilization, the performance of the policy server does not seem to be impacted.  Our web application authentication/authorization and federation services seems to be processing at normal performance level, but due to the fact that the server CPU is unreasonably high, we are not comfortable enough with this to move our upgrade effort onto the next environment until this high CPU utilization is resolved or explained.


We even restored our policy server back to the default installation state with no policy data other then the default XPS import after the policy server installation to ruled out possible policy data/configuration causing this issue, but even with no policy data/configuration the smpolicysrv still chunk away at about 163% CPU utilization.  The hardware is a Linux VM duel core processor with plenty of processing power.  The only hardware spec difference between this new r12.52 Linux VM compared to the existing r12.0 Linux VM is that the r12.0 VM uses a NAS file system while the new r12.52 Linux VM uses local file system.  Below are some more specifics on our environment:


Server/OS = RHEL 2.6.32-573.18.1.el6.x86_64

Policy server = r12.52 SP1 CR04

Policy Store = CA Directory Server r12.0 SP17


Any input or suggestions for troubleshooting would be much greatly appreciated.


Thank you!