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API Portal integration with LDAP

Question asked by Sravankanumuri on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by swama01

Hello there,

I'm integrating the API Portal with the LDAP for the authentication of internal and external users.

I have followed all the steps outlined in Integrate LDAP Servers with the API Portal - CA API Developer Portal - 3.5 - CA Technologies Documentation

1. Created Groups in LDAP.

2. Integrated gateway with LDAP.

3. Configured Auth and management service in gateway.

4. Edited the <RoleMappings/> in Layer 7 Auth plugin in API portal.

5. enabled the LDAP authentication like <Startup started="yes" enabled="yes"/>

6. Changed href="ldapauthenticator.xml". in the system/conf.

7. Rebooted API Portal VM.

8. Tested user in LDAP connection test tool in API Portal and gave me success response.


However when i tried to login to dashboard it is throwing error as user with specified name not found.


Can someone please help me with this.