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Need information regarding DevTest 9.1 High Availability (HA) mode Installation

Question asked by kapoor.s on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by kapoor.s

Hi Guys,


I've few queries regarding CA DevTest Installation and it would be great if someone can help to address those.


Query 1: Is it possible to install DevTest 9.1 (SV, App Test) in High Availability (HA) Mode using Load balancers? If yes, can someone please help me with installation guide/details?


Query 2: If HA mode isn’t supported by DevTest, then what is the best possible way to provide teams highly available CA DevTest Infrastructure (mainly SV, App Test) so that they can seamlessly use this product, without imposing undue load?


Note: I want to setup a DevTest Lab and have 2 servers with me.