Survey: Vote for your next Java Agent most needed features!

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There are several features that are currently under consideration:


There would be a UI that you could use to change the configuration of your Agents.

  • Upgrading Agents via the UI

Here again, there would be a UI that would allow you to easily migrate your Agents from a prior version to a more recent one.

  • Add/Remove instrumentation without restarting the JVM

Right now, you can add a new or change a PBD file without restarting your JVM. But any extension that requires touching something the "ext" directory requires a restart. We would remove this limitation.

  • View/Control the Agent overhead on your application

You would see an estimation of the resource usage of the Agent, which would help you tune its configuration to suit your overhead requirements.

  • An internet repository of Agent extensions

There would be a website listing Agent extensions for custom applications/frameworks (such as Mule ESB, PeopleSoft, Amdocs, Oracle Service Bus, Struts 2, etc..) that you could download and add to your Agents.

  • Select amongst different "overhead/risk" profiles

When you create your first Agent configuration, you would have a choice between several options (super safe/low overhead for Production, medium instrumentation for more visibility, full instrumentation for dev/troubleshooting).


We need *your* input!


Here is a survey that will allow you to tell us which of these features are the most important for you. You have 100$ to spend, and you get to invest them into the features you really need. You can even spend money on an "other" feature and explain to us what you need.


Java Agent future Survey


(Tip, it usually has more impact to put more money on a few features than to try and spread a little money on each one.)


Feel free to post a question under this thread if you have any questions, happy spending!